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Creative Planting 101

Recently the Blanden Art Museum staff was at the 2021 Messenger LIfestyle Home Show. It was a great success and there were many visitors who took in the imagery that was on display, the postcards given out as well as a drawing for a 75th Anniversary coffee table book about the Blanden's collection. Speaking of that, it was won by Mrs. Pam Bygness (who said she never wins anything! Well now you did!)

At the same time we had all this going on, we were busy painting two of the planters that would soon be available for sale at Becker's Florist. This unique collaboration of masterpiece imagery and planters used for the beautiful flora n fauna of Becker's Florist was put together so that the public could not only have an original piece of artwork on their planter, but help support the Blanden's Art Education program.

The first two painted out of the 10 designs chosen, were the Chagall piece, "La Caleche Fantastique" and the Hunchback figurine from Central America. The Chagall work caught the eye of many from the Messenger's mention of it in the paper. The Hunchback image was inspired by not only the sculpture but by the Boy Scouts of Rockwell City/Lake City area. They had been at the museum on tour the weekend before and had given great input as to the background that should surround the sculpture image. So now they sit at Becker's Florist/Greenhouse awaiting their new owner. Will it be you?

To purchase one you can contact Becker's Florist or the Blanden Art Museum for details. You can pick out a small, medium, or large sized planter of whatever type material you want, pick a masterpiece image and then we do the rest. When done, it'll be waterproofed and brought back to Becker's for you to fill up w/ beautiful plants. A great collaboration that benefits the Art Education program for the children in the community.


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