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Harmonizing Dimension: Exploring Motion, Time, and Rhythm 

Selections from the Permanent Collection 

West Gallery

January - December 30, 2025

Curators Statement:

“Even in stillness, there is movement.” – Anonymous


Visitors can embark on an artistic odyssey with "Harmonizing Dimensions," a curated collection delving into the intricate interplay of motion, time, and rhythm. This transformative exploration shapes and defines the creative landscape, leaving an enduring imprint on the ever-evolving art world.

As we navigate the swift tapestry of the 21st century, our understanding of motion, time, and rhythm in art undergoes a profound transformation. Technological advancements and global connectivity dissolve traditional boundaries, providing artists with new realms to explore.

Step into this odyssey at the Blanden, where artworks come alive dynamically, transcending conventional expressions. Let the masterpieces converge in your mind, facilitating a harmonious dialogue between motion, time, and rhythm. Across diverse mediums, artists showcase how movement breathes life into their works, time influences narratives, and rhythm orchestrates unique artistic experiences.

Working in varied mediums, these artists share a profound grasp of the interplay among fundamental forces. Witness how motion is captured in brushstrokes, time in sculpture, and rhythm in the arrangement of forms and colors. The exhibition encourages an exploration of the dynamic relationship between the static and kinetic, tangible, and ephemeral, finite, and infinite – offering profound insights into the role of motion, time, and rhythm in shaping artistic expression.

"Harmonizing Dimensions" invites you on a transformative journey where motion, time, and rhythm converge, unlocking uncharted realms of artistic expression. Celebrate the visionary contributions of artists worldwide as they entice us to delve into the profound mysteries within these elemental dimensions.

May this exhibition inspire you to embrace the ever-shifting dynamics of life, fostering a deeper appreciation for the interconnected dance of motion, time, and rhythm in the realm of art.

Champloo Jazz I.JPG

Soft Geometry

Colin C. Smith

Exhibition dedicated to the memory of Richard Black.

East Gallery

February 3 - April 20, 2024


Curators Statement :

“A painted surface is a real, living form.” - Kazimir Malevich

Colin's latest exhibit is a captivating exploration of material sensitivity and abstract expressionism, seamlessly transcending traditional boundaries. The displayed pieces,  reminiscent of barn quilts, feature playful yet intricate forms with a bumpy, tactile surface that immediately draws attention.

Colin's mastery is evident as he skillfully navigates between flat surfaces and three-dimensional realms, engaging the audience in a nuanced spatial exploration. Much like Hoffmann, he strategically employs color temperature, paying homage to DADA, Arte Povera, and Minimalism through a reductive use of industrial and everyday materials. This sparks a broader conversation on surface, color, and composition, urging viewers to        reconsider the potential in simplicity.

Echoes of artistic giants like Malevich, Klee, and Mondrian resonate in Colin's hard-edge compositions, where solid geometric shapes stand against an open background. The works invite contemplation of shape, color, and texture, with Colin exploring materials and infusing intense, saturated colors for vibrancy. He adeptly plays with the appearance of softness and brittleness, adding a profound layer of complexity.

In "Soft Geometry," Colin's remarkable fusion of material understanding, striking compositions, and intense color and shape results in a visually striking and conceptually rich body of work that redefines artistic boundaries.

Artist Statement:

SOFT GEOMETRY metamorphosed from a previous body of work known as GUNK. Each  series of work comprises the same proprietary media, which is a combination of liquid    pigments and a resinous commercial adhesive, however, the outcome for each body of work is distinguishable. Whereby GUNK was a creation of all-over color field, SOFT GEOMETRY evolved with the addition of soft-edged geometric forms inherent at the forefront, which makes the result of the formal playfulness more pronounced, as it brings to life the tension of shape and color interaction. Although the application of this medium is akin to trying to control chaos, the chemical reaction lends itself to producing the look of a 3-D painting with a puffy, textured surface.


Colin C. Smith was born and raised in Central Nebraska during the middle of the twentieth century. After receiving his BFA in painting from the University of Nebraska Omaha, Smith received his MFA in printmaking at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Smith has exhibited his work nationally and is currently on art faculty at UNO. He will be presenting a solo exhibition at Blanden Art Museum in early 2024, titled "Soft Geometry." More of his work and information can be found at


Reflection of History 

Luminating History of Black Fort Dodge 

Sherry Washington and Roger Natte 

Second Floor Gallery

Dec 2 - Feb 18, 2024


Curators Statement:


“Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”              

                                                   – Martin Luther King, Jr.


The history of Black Fort Dodge is a tale of resilience, culture, and enduring community. "Reflection of History" invites viewers on a journey through this vibrant history from early development to Urban Renewal, and celebrates the community's successes while addressing present challenges.


This exhibition comprises photographs, articles, heirlooms, and personal stories, connecting us to the past. It reflects the enduring spirit of Black Fort Dodgers, who found strength in close-knit communities and churches that served as more than places of worship they nurtured cultural traditions and provided a sense of belonging.


Preserving this legacy is a collective effort, vital for understanding, growth, and progress. Community events like Juneteenth serve as moments of reflection and celebration.


The story of Black Fort Dodge is a testament to the enduring strength of culture, preserved through heritage and community. It is a legacy that inspires and enriches the very fabric of Fort Dodge's history, reminding us of the indomitable spirit of those who have contributed immeasurably to the town's vibrant tapestry.

Tales from a Ghost Town V.JPG


Additional information forthcoming for the following:

​​​​​​                           ​​

  • Joanne Alberda - Second Floor Gallery 

    • Tales From a Ghost Town - Fabric Art  (March 2 - April 20, 2024) ​

  • Margaret Bohls - Second Floor Gallery 

    • Italian Studies - Ceramics (May 4 - June 22, 2024)​

  • RJ Kern - East Gallery

    • The Unchosen Ones - Photography ​(May 4 - July 20, 2024)

  • Jack Dant - Second Floor Gallery

    • A World Observed - Paintings (July 13 - Sept 21, 2024)​

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