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Delineations of Structure: The Grid, Architecture and Perspective 

Selections from the Permanent Collection 

West Gallery

January - December 30, 2023

About the Exhibit

"We shape our buildings - thereafter, they shape us."

                                                                              - Winston Churchill. 


The need to build is a paramount requirement, a fundamental need to survive; it is also about the drive to leave a legacy of beauty and order. Structures of all shapes and sizes are signatures of culture and society. Like frozen music in space, they play for the viewer a song of age, the hopes of a people, and a    record of dreams. They are an art and a requirement. It is through the lens of a culture's buildings and dwellings that helps form historical understanding. Architecture is one way that a society can express itself, presenting a likeness to the world. The foundation of order and beauty that stand the test of time      structures define a longing for understanding.     


This exhibit brings together objects and works of art from the collection that     directly reflect these delineations in conjunction with more abstract and   conceptual depictions of structures and the grid. The artwork on display covers multiple periods, cultures, and styles. It is a testament to the excellent and rich assortment contained in the collection. Architectural history is an evolving account of human energy that spans centuries reaching back to ancient times, providing a global perspective. The construction of buildings, structures, and grids is more than the carving of stone or the placement of glass. It is about    understanding something bigger than ourselves, our place in the universe. Expressions of this understanding are witnessed through drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photographs of structures. Artists can reflect the spirit of time locked forever through the talent of the hand and the eye.    


Through the interaction of realistic depictions, abstractions, and conceptual forms, viewers can survey how the grid, architecture, and perspective have shaped our understanding of history, culture, and society. Structures are physical evidence of human change. The art inspired by this evidence reflects a          perspective boundary and is a witness to history.   

Anway Paintings_7_edited.jpg


Byron Anway

Second Floor Gallery

Sept 2 - Nov 25, 2023


Curators Statement:


“Everything that is visible hides something that is invisible” –  Rene Magritte


The invisible becomes visible in an extraordinary manner within Byron Anway's captivating new body of paintings. Through bold colors and enigmatic, yet hopeful, post-apocalyptic compositions, he constructs a surreal reality born from memories, isolation, childhood emotions, and transformation. While his images possess striking visibility, they also conceal a hidden essence, exuding an air of mystique that permeates this remarkable collection.

Life's enigmatic nature finds profound expression through Anway's artistry. In his works, he fearlessly delves into the depths of his experiences, offering a profound exploration of how paint and canvases can evoke the mystery and existential questions of existence. By   tapping into memories and emotions, he presents "Afield," an exhibition that serves as a resolute affirmation of an authentic voice. This significant showcase marks a transformative juncture in his artistic journey, as his previous paintings depicted crowded masses clamoring for position, while his latest creations embrace openness and a profound connection with nature.

Within a series of paintings, a landscape featuring a cascading waterfall emerges as a  recurring motif, acting as a reflective symbol. This imagery derives from a vivid memory of a journey experienced by the artist. Waterfalls embody the process of letting go, cleansing, and the unceasing flow of energy and life. For Anway, these paintings embody an ongoing quest for a genuine expression, heralding a new understanding of the world—a vibrant    visual proclamation brimming with optimism and embracing the winds of change.




Byron Anway is an Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in the School of Art, Art History, and Design.  Before teaching at the university level, Anway taught art abroad at the International School of Brussels in Belgium and American Academy Casablanca in Morocco.  Among other venues, his work has been exhibited at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, NE, Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH, and the Soo Visual Arts   Center in Minneapolis. His work has been published twice in New American Paintings the West, Manifest’s International Painting Annual, and the Prairie Schooner.



My artwork incorporates personal stories and contemporary historical events to understand the world.  This practice closely mimics the study of Epistemology in that I try to understand the differences between opinion and knowledge.  In “Afield,” I draw from memory and imagination to tell emotionally authentic and personal coming of age stories from teaching and living in Morocco.  Whether showing a disparate world full of kinetic    human energy or an introspective abstraction with space for deep thinking, these new works draw on themes of spirituality, cultural relativism, and adventure. 

Lightning Can Strike 54x48 in., Carmon Slater.jpg

Creative Repertoire 

Dr. Carmon Slater 

East Gallery

Aug 5 - Oct 21, 2023


Exhibit Statement:

How do you describe a man who is a scientist, an artist, an interior designer, a home and landscape designer, an art curator, and a naturalist? It's hard to pin him down to a simple description. Dr. Carmon Slater is an artist first and foremost, but his abilities span more than one medium. To visit his home and studio is to get a small glimpse of his abilities and interests. Every wall, every cupboard, every nook and cranny is filled with art - from the floors to the  ceilings.


Everywhere you look there are colorful fabrics, paints, photos, books, works in   progress and completed works. Carmon has created art for both individuals and corporate clients. Working from color swatches, paint chips, color photographs and consultations, he creates individual pieces that are as unique as the people who acquire them.


Dr. Slater’s, work includes quilts which have appeared in art shows nationally and internationally and grace many homes, office buildings, universities and museums. His quilts can be both art for the wall and functional pieces for the bedroom. His floor cloths are works of art on canvas. Those who purchase them often hang them on the wall because they can't imagine walking on them, yet they are quite durable.

Floor cloths have made a comeback in recent years and create a very contemporary look. Window coverings created by him are more than mere curtains, they sometimes surpass the beauty seen through the windows. Drawing on his mastery with paint and canvas, He has developed a unique process for creating window coverings that turn canvas into stained glass. As the sun illuminates the canvas from behind, the layers disappear and reappear throughout the day.



Leaves small.jpg


Additional information forthcoming for the following:

​​​​​​                           ​​

  • Mary Jo Hinds - East Gallery                             

    • Captured Moments - Painting (Nov 4 - January 20, 2024)

  • Colin C Smith - East Gallery 

    • Soft Geometry - Mix media (February 3 - April 20, 2024) ​

  • Joanne Alberda - Second Floor Gallery 

    • Tales From a Ghost Town - Fabric Art (March 2 - April 20, 2024)​

  • Margaret Bohls - Second Floor Gallery

    • Italian Studies - Ceramic Art (May 4 - June 22, 2024)​

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