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What the Blanden Means to Me!

Comments by Iowa Central Community College Photography Students

Jordan Bourque - "The Blanden impacted me by making me feel like we could do anything even if we're from a small town in Iowa, we could become somebody after college. And then later our artwork could be shown in the Blanden."

Kaitlin Goodrich - "To me, the Blanden has been impactful because it gives me inspiration. When I see all the work that is displayed in the building, it makes me want to try harder and hopefully, one day, be good enough to also have my work displayed. When I see a piece that really captures my eye, it makes me wonder how they got it and what I could do to also get something similar to that. It impacts me by making me appreciate the beauty of art even more than I already did."

Melissa Ryan - "The Blanden feels like home. An invaluable piece of town Fort Dodge."

Alexis Louck - "I honestly did not think I would get anything out of going to the Blanden, but the museum surprised me. I learned a lot by visiting the museum. I used to know nothing about art, mostly since I never took an art class in high school. I learned a lot about the pop art they had and the artist behind it. I think the biggest part that impacted me was the glass art where they burned the glass into really interesting shapes, I think that was my favorite part."

Grace Nordquist - "The Blanden to me is a historical gem in Fort Dodge that I had the pleasure of discovering. It brings a little bit of big city art and culture to modest Iowa."

Jill Williams - "Not many cities the size of Fort Dodge can boast that they have an art museum that rivals any larger city. The collection is tremendous, the building is beautiful, and the staff are very helpful. Being able to see the unique and varied artwork displays is very valuable. Not only do they have beautiful artwork, they also have outstanding staff that are more than willing to share the history of the museum, and every piece of artwork. If you ever had a question, their staff could answer it immediately, very knowledgeable!"

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