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Art as Medicine: Artists React to Present State

“Art is a wound turned into light” – Georges Braque


Due to closing to the public, the museum is exploring alternative ways to connect with the community.  The digital arena has become a way for museums to provide educational services to members, students and art enthusiasts. 


This exhibit is an attempt to provide a space where creative voices can be seen and shared.  The present state of the world seems overwhelming and chaotic, but out of these times, great love and beauty can still be expressed.  Art is essential, especially during times that are full of stress and anxiety. Artwork can be medicine for the mind and soul.    


Artists have been able to look at situations such as the recent one we all are experiencing, and create profound work that speaks to a collective event, memory, and new reality.  Artist’s ability to find inspiration in world events and explore new ways of communicating information can help us all.

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