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Call for entry:


"Let me laugh at nothing things"

Children Art created at home 2020


The title for this exhibit is taken from a line from one of the poems in THE GERANIUM ON THE WINDOW SILL JUST DIED BUT TEACHER YOU WENT RIGHT by Albert Cullum. This book is a collection of poems created by children that present the world seen through their eyes.


Have your child explore these following topics:



·         Something you love

·         Nature

·         Imaginary friend


·         Something you miss

·         Your mom and dad

·         The world


·         Something beautiful

·         Something silly

·         The Future


To see the world through a child’s eye is inspirational and innocent.  There are many writings that speak to the truth of that knowledge. The arts are a universal language that is only limited by our imaginations.  


Entry info:  


Exhibit Dates: April 13, 2020 – August 29, 2020


Submission Deadline: Now until August 1, 2020


Entry Fee: NONE


Eligibility: Children ages 3 – 16. Works must be current. Digital images of ordinal works only. Open to any medium.  


Venue: Blanden Digital Art Gallery –


Online submission Guidelines: submit to 

·         In subject line of email please include: Let me laugh at nothing things – Name of artist

·         Submit one image per child

·         Image format and size: jpeg, 72dpi, file size less than 2MB.

·         Name file: Last name, first, title of image.jpg



By submitting work to this exhibit, you agree to allow for the use of image and name of child to be used on Facebook and on  for educational, marketing, archival, publicity and public relations purposes by the Blanden Art Museum and the City of Fort Dodge. 

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