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Community focus

>> Background

Each year, an outreach program for adults is conducted by the Blanden Memorial Art Museum through our Community Focus Program, taught by artist Sharon Balm. This program includes hands-on creative arts activities for its clients and as a bonus, is an important social outlet.


Community Focus serves individuals faced with disabilities and life challenges that make it difficult for them to travel to a museum or experience the arts in other ways.


Organizations that are a part of Community Focus include:

  • Fort Dodge LifeWorks Community Services

  • Humboldt LifeWorks Community Services

  • Villa Care Center

  • Deer Creek Apartments



Thank you!!

If you would like to contribute to a worthy educational program please consider a donation designated for "Community Focus." Such a donation will assist with instructor salary and travel, the purchase of art supplies, and will result in many smiles on the faces of Community Focus clients.




>> Quote from Sharon Balm in regard to the program:

"My clients enjoy what we're doing and they are always excited that I'm there with them. Most of them are unable to drive or get out on their own for any activity either because of age, handicap, health issues, or limited income. Community Focus gives them the chance to express themselves through their artwork.


The arts are very therapeutic, benefiting eye-hand coordination, concentration and focus, and bringing a feeling of personal accomplishment. The activities we do offer an opportunity for socialization with others, breaking the isolation and taking their minds off their problems as they spend more time enjoying the moment."

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