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Juried Film Based Photo Exhibition 



"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving what you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything." – Aaron Siskind


Slowing down is a disappearing element in society today.  Running faster every day, we are in an age of instant gratification, no worry, and a delete culture.  However, just like the resurgence of music on vinyl, film-based photography is making a comeback and finding a voice through a whole new generation in search of authenticity and the experience of the real. Analog, production of images, has warmth, graininess, and individual characteristics that digital photography lack.

A comforting remembrance of a place, person, or event can be found in film photography. The investment into capturing that moment diminishes in digital -- keep what "I" want, delete all the rest. Not to say that some fantastic artists are not producing great photographs with digital cameras, but film photography is all about the process and image; digital is more about the image and then the process.     

Just like vinyl records, the real sound film-based images are flashes of reality fused by light and the sound of a shutter clicking.  The production of film images come out of respect for the process, the science, and the craftsmanship of creating images which requires time.



Sehida Miftari is from the most beautiful city in Kosovo, Prizren, home of Dokufest and famous actor Bekim Fehmiu. She is living in Prishtinë/Priština. She graduated at Faculty of Financial Management and completed master studies on International Policy and Diplomacy. Šehida is a human rights activist. Her passion and hobby is photography, mostly of tradition, and ethno-culture. She is self-taught and internationally awarded photography artist. She won two performance awards at the international photography competition named Humanity Photo Awards organized by the China Folklore Photography Association under auspices of UNESCO in 2013 and 2015 respectfully. She received awards for the photos depicting traditional cultural values of Kosovo, namely traditional face painting of Kosovo Bosnia community and celebration of spring by Rufai dervishes, both in Prizren. She represented Kosovo in Beijing in 2014 with her photos. Since 2015, her photos were also part of various exhibitions in Kosovo, Albania, Switzerland, and Germany as well as published in various photo books. She loves theatre, movies, books and travelling.

Lulzim Hoti is the Founder and Director of cultural organization “7 Arte” in Mitrovica, Kosovo. He graduated in Albanian Language and Literature from University of Prishtina, to continue later his MA studies on International General Management in Globus College. Mr.Hoti has 16 years of experience working in the community and cultural life development in Mitrovica. Currently, he teaches Albanian Language at "Kosovo Leadership Academy". As a kid, he was able to be part of the Photo-Club of the school and to participate at the first photo collective exhibitions. During the war in Kosovo, Mr.Hoti took his film camera by himself and while he was moving out of the country as a refugee (surrounded by military troops), he managed to take only one picture. Just after the war, he cooperated with American photographer Ms.Martha Grenon (from Michigan) on the “Kosovo 2000” project. Mr. Hoti is fan of working with film camera such as Holga and other classic cameras. He has been awarded by national television as the best cameraman of the year 2015. Mr. Hoti has produced some short films and participated at several artistic exhibitions with photography. Recently he re-engaged with his artworks on the local gallery Kosovo Art Exchange.

Acceptance / Awards:

The juror for the exhibition at the Blanden Art Museum will select 30 images. A Juror’s Choice and two Honorable Mentions will be awarded and featured in the exhibition, the printed show brochure, and the online show gallery. The Director’s Choice Award will be given to the artist with the strongest series of images submitted and also featured in the exhibition, the printed show brochure and the online show gallery. 


THE ENTRY FEE | $35.00

The submission fee for entry is $35.00 for five images.

Entries may be sent electronically to – Subject Analog It 

Each entry must be titled with following information.

  • Artist Name

  • Camera and Film used

  • Title of image

  • Date Taken


Email, DVD, or Flash drive can be used to submit images.  Proof of film usage must be included – scan or photo of film negative of each of the images submitted. No proof of film use disqualifies entry – no refunds will be issued.       


Checks payable to Blanden Charitable Foundation

Check must be mailed with entry or copy of entry

Blanden Art Museum

Att: Analog It

920 3rd Ave South

Fort Dodge Iowa 50501



Artist retains all copyrights to their own images. The artist's name and photo title will be included wherever the photographs are displayed. Artists whose photographs are accepted for exhibition grant Blanden Art Museum the nonexclusive right to use submitted photographs for exhibition purposes and for the purpose of marketing the exhibition, marketing related programs, and subsequent display on Blanden Art Museum’s website.


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